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The Homes of Hume

The Cockburns inter-married with a number of other border families over the centuries.  Sometimes, forging alliances and sometimes failing to resolve old feuds.   The Hepburns, Maitlands, Scotts and Blackadders were included in the family tree, which sometimes more resembled a briar bush.   No family was more associated  with the Cockburn Clan than the Home family, mentioned in a previous post about Hume Castle and Will of the Wastle.

Anna Home, born about 1470, married William Cockburn of Langton and That Ilk (1465 - 1513), who was one of many Scottish nobles who lost their lives in the Battle of Flodden on 9 September 1513 at Branxton, Northumberland, England.

Isobel Home, born the daughter of Sir David Home at Wedderburn Manor, Berwickshire, Scotland in about 1482, married William Cockburn of That Ilk (1495 - 1564) on 9 December 1530. William was the son of the afore-mentioned William of Langton and That Ilk and Anna Home.

Another Isobel Home, whose father was George Home of Wedderburn and whose mother was a Sinclair, married Patrick Cockburn, son of Alexander Cockburn of Langton and That Ilk and Elizabeth de Crichton.  Isobel and Patrick had a son Patrick Cockburn, who died in 1559 at Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland.

Janet Home, born in 1554 at Wedderburn, Berwickshire, Scotland, has been mentioned in a previous post as the grand-daughter of Andrew Blackadder, slain at the Battle of Flodden in 1513.

Another Janet Home (1558 - 1600), daughter of Alexander Home of Manderston, county Berwick, in 1584 married John Cockburn, 9th Baron of Ormiston (1557 - 1623). 

Margaret Home, daughter of John Renton of Billie, married William Cockburn of That Ilk (1555 - 1600), the son of Alexander Cockburn of That Ilk (1531 - 1583) and Helena Hepburn (1532  - 1587).

Elizabeth Home, daughter of Patrick Home of Renton, married Patrick Cockburn, son of James Cockburn of Langton (1511 - 1578) and Joneta Otterburn of Reidhall.  Margaret Cockburn, a daughter of Patrick Cockburn and Elizabeth Home, married Alexander Home of Renton.

In 1618 at Duns, Berwickshire, Scotland, Jeannit or Jenet Home, born in 1595, married Robert Cockburne, born about 1598 in Berwickshire, Scotland. Jeannit and Robert had ten children (five sons and five daughters).

Alexander Home first Protestant Rector of Polwarth, son of Sir Patrick Home of Polwarth and Elizabeth Hepburn, married Elizabeth Cockburn, born in 1602 the daughter of William "of That Ilk" Cockburn (1576 -1659) and Elizabeth Kincade.

Isobell Home married James Cockburne, born in May 1648 at Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, Scotland, the son of Patrick Cockburne and Margaret Shiell.

Mary Home, born in 1788 at Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland, the daughter of Robert Home and Agnes Niven, married George Ladbrook Cockburn on 27 December 1802 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland.  George was the son of wig-maker William Cockburn and his wife Lillias Thomson.

Ellen Home, born in August 1843 in London, England, the daughter of John Home and Eleanor Eachens, married John Cockburn, born about 1844 in Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland.   The marriage took place in October 1865 at Alnwick, Northumberland, England.   John was the son of James Cockburn, born in 1802 in Berwickshire, Scotland and died in Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia in 1855, and Agnes Rolince, born about 1810 in Berwickshire, Scotland.

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